[Users] Some questions about OpenVZ's roadmap

Galia Lisovskaya mail-lists4shaggy_cat at shaggy-cat.ru
Thu Nov 13 01:51:06 EST 2008

Hello, Scott,

2008/11/13 Scott Dowdle <dowdle at montanalinux.org>:
> I'm sure Kir will follow up with more official answers but here is my understanding... as a fellow community member.

May be, you know abount any plans for include VZ/OpenVZ in Fedora/RHEL?
Some years ago, was news about include VZ in RHEL/Fedora mainstream.
Also, was news about SUSE.

But, I did'nt see any news for drop this plans.

Why we see VZ in mainsteream in one-two distribution, but not in all
of general distribution?

Thanks for answers, sorry for bad English.

Best regards,
Galia Lisovskaya.
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