[Users] Re: ovzkernel-xen ?

Aleksandar Ivanisevic aleksandar at ivanisevic.de
Mon Aug 25 05:34:06 EDT 2008

Gregor Mosheh <gregor at hostgis.com> writes:

> Having not used Xen but being very interested in all forms of
> virtualization and how folks are using it, I'm curious.
> What does one do with a kernel that does both OpenVZ and Xen? Do you
> run multiple Doms and a few of them use OpenVZ? Is there a reason that
> neither OpenVZ nor Xen do exactly what you want by themselves?

We have 90% standard LAMP+java inhouse applications which do not care
too much about which distro or kernel they are running on so they are
ideal for VZ containers, but I still want to be able to use the same
physical hardware to host the remaining 10% either windows or picky,
mostly crappy proprietary apps that really want specific distribution
versions or kernels or whatnot.

Right now I'm using VZ containers in fully virtualized xen hosts, but
that seems like a waste of resources when they can run on the host

The key for me here is memory distribution, VZ is much better at that
as a container will use as much resources as it needs when it needs
them and then return them to host. I am not aware of any on-demand
automatic memory allocation for xen, so for xen I have to guess a lot,
and mostly I guess wrong ;)

To sto si frustriran, zavidan tko zna na cemu i sto ne vidis dalje od
svoje guzice je tuzno. Da onda barem imas toliko samokontrole da
sutis umjesto da pravis budalu od sebe... izgleda da si prestar da se
promjenis na bolje. - Davor Pasaric, hr.comp.mac

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