[Users] ovzkernel-xen ?

Robert Nelson robertn at the-nelsons.org
Wed Aug 27 12:52:05 EDT 2008

Gregor Mosheh wrote:
> Having not used Xen but being very interested in all forms of 
> virtualization and how folks are using it, I'm curious.
> What does one do with a kernel that does both OpenVZ and Xen? Do you 
> run multiple Doms and a few of them use OpenVZ? Is there a reason that 
> neither OpenVZ nor Xen do exactly what you want by themselves?
I use Xen + OpenVZ on a build machine.

I need to build binaries of an Open Source software package I maintain.

So I have a Xen PV OpenVZ DomU that hosts a container for each Linux 
Distro and Version I need to build.

For those non-Linux OSes like Windows, FreeBSD and Solaris I use either 
Fully or Para Virtual Xen DomUs to do the build.

Then when I'm doing a release I run a script on my development machine.

The script starts the various virtual environments, copies over the 
source tar, builds it, copies back the binaries and stops the virtual 

In about a half hour I end up with about 40 OS and Version specific 
RPMs, DEBS, etc.

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