[Users] Filesystem size limit in the vzquota system ?

Vasily Tarasov vtaras at openvz.org
Thu May 17 03:54:22 EDT 2007


> We have been using OpenVZ for a few months and are really satisfied with 
> this project. Thanks a lot.

Thank you for using OpenVZ, we're happy to hear it. :)

> Neithertheless, we have a problem with one out of three virtual server. 
> On this one, the quota system fails. The only difference with the two 
> others is the filesystem size that exceed, in this case, 40 gygabites.
> It is possible to activate the quota system with a quite small 
> filesystem and then to progressively increase its size (with rsync for 
> example). But, if we try to directly start (or restart) a server on such 
> a big filesystem, it fails with the error :
> vzquota : (error) Quota on syscall for 123: Device or resource busy
> Is there a size limit for the filesystem of an OpenVZ virtual server, 
> with quota enabled?

There is no such limit. Actually I don't quite understand your phrase
"progressively increase its (filesystems) size (with rsync for
example)". Do you mean that you just add files to this filesystem and
consequently the amount of busy blocks is increasing?
The most common reason of the error: "vzquota : (error) Quota on syscall
for 123: Device or resource busy" is the presence of Linux disk quota on
the filesystem where vzquota is trying to start. Check it, please. 

Thank you,

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