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Thanks for the info Scott. I'll have read through that all and see if I can figure out what needs to change. The templates having issues are our production (vz legacy) templates on centos6 nodes and never had a problem. The originals are all from the openvz temlpate download page. So probably just missing that small info that is causing the failures. 

Thanks again (off to do some more reading *bleh* :) )

On 11/09, Scott Dowdle wrote:
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> > If OpenVZ 7 indeed uses a similar system, you can probably copy over
> > a few things and monkey-see-monkey-do.
> I asked mechleg in the #openvz IRC channel who knows OpenVZ 7 better than I do and for convenience, I'll just paste the IRC lines here:
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> ‎[16:17] ‎<‎dowdle‎>‎ mechleg: You subscribe to the OpenVZ Users mailing list?
>> [16:18] ‎<‎dowdle‎>‎ mechleg: There was just an email on there with someone asking about getting Slackware and Gentoo working on OpenVZ 7... with the problem that it wasn't configuring the container's networking.  I responded with what I thought might help fix it... but not having a VZ7 system to look at (especially here at home rather than work), I'm just guessing.
>> [16:18] ‎<‎mechleg‎>‎ no, mostly just skim it when i'm looking for something specific
>> [16:19] ‎<‎dowdle‎>‎ mechleg: If you have time, look at this thread and see what you think: https://lists.openvz.org/pipermail/users/2017-November/thread.html
>> [16:28] ‎<‎mechleg‎>‎ looks like right answer, but the location was changed for version 7.  the new location is /usr/libexec/libvzctl/dists/ and they would have to make a template with all the right connections (which I do not remember being a hard requirement, but with recent experience finding it may be at this point)
>> [16:29] ‎<‎mechleg‎>‎ without the proper template, openvz does not know which script to use so it uses the default
>> [16:29] ‎<‎mechleg‎>‎ my recent finding is showing that without an installed template, it does not want to do anything
>> [16:30] ‎<‎dowdle‎>‎ mechleg: How does it determine which scripts to use?  I OL (OpenVZ Legacy) I think it goes by the first part of the OSTEMPLATE= value in the container config... and matches it to a file with the same name in /etc/vz/dists/.  Does that sound right?
>> [16:32] ‎<‎mechleg‎>‎ with the new templating system, it determines the script to use based on the contents of the template file /vz/template/centos/7/x86_64/config/os/default/distribution
>> [16:33] ‎<‎mechleg‎>‎ and that string would match a file in /usr/libexec/libvzctl/dists/
>> [16:34] ‎<‎dowdle‎>‎ mechleg: Mind if I copy the IRC lines into a follow-up mailing list email?
>> [16:36] ‎<‎mechleg‎>‎ i have been meaning to subscribe to that list, but feel free to send that along.  to make compatible templates, these are the official docs:  https://docs.virtuozzo.com/virtuozzo_7_users_guide/advanced-tasks/creating-customized-containers.html  and also  https://docs.virtuozzo.com/virtuozzo_7_users_guide/advanced-tasks/creating-configuration-files-for-new-linux-distributions.html
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> I hope that helps some.
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