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> Sorry, yes containers (still getting use to the fact vz7 has all the
> things in it now).

I haven't devoted enough time to vz7 but I hope to remedy that ASAP.  I assume OpenVZ 7 is similar to how OpenVZ Legacy did it.  There are some scripts on the host system that know what files need to be modified within the container to configure networking and DNS... and there is a configuration (or maybe a configuration script) that defines what scripts to use for what distributions.  Since Gentoo and Slackware were working on OpenVZ Legacy... if you fish around on both Legacy and 7... you could figure it out.

I don't have an OpenVZ 7 system handy at the moment or I'd try to help.

Looking on Legacy though, I see:

/etc/vz/dists/*.conf which define what scripts to run for each distro

If it doesn't know what distro, I think it uses what it finds in /etc/vz/dists/default

/etc/vz/dists/scripts/*.sh are the actual scripts for each operation for each distro

If OpenVZ 7 indeed uses a similar system, you can probably copy over a few things and monkey-see-monkey-do.

If none of that is the case, until we figure it out you could manually configure the networking within the container taking into account how OpenVZ addresses things... and if prlctl/vzctl weren't making any modifications to begin with, what you put in there should be safe across restarts.

It would be interesting to find out what you learn if you can give those suggestions a try.

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