[Users] [TRD] SCTP protocol support inside Virtuozzo Containers

Konstantin Khorenko khorenko at virtuozzo.com
Mon Sep 12 07:46:26 PDT 2016

1. Feature

SCTP protocol can be used inside Virtuozzo Containers.

2. Description

SCTP sockets now can be created inside Virtuozzo Containers.

3. Products

Virtuozzo 7

Packages versions (or later):

4. Testing

Suggest to use existing SCTP test suites, for example: http://lksctp.sourceforge.net/

5. Known issues

1) "sctp" kernel module is NOT loaded automatically upon request from inside a Container,
     i.e. an attempt to create SCTP socket inside a Container does not load "sctp" kernel module on the host.
     This is done on purpose,  reason: too many security issues found in sctp protocol implementation last year.

2) CRIU does not support SCTP => online migration is known to fail in case SCTP sockets are used.

6. What was checked by developer

1) /usr/bin/checksctp inside a Container
2) server (incide a CT):
       # /usr/bin/sctp_test -H -P 1111 -l
    client (inside same CT):
       # /usr/bin/sctp_test -H -P 1112 -h -p 1111 -s
3) same as in (2) but client/server are in different Containers on the same Hardware Node.

7. Feature owner

khorenko at virtuozzo.com

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