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José Manuel Giner jm at ginernet.com
Wed Sep 7 04:47:37 PDT 2016

Hello Vladimir,

first of all, we don't need a service support, we only look for the 
product, without support, we will ensure the SLA from our side and with 
our own resources.

I think they are useless, because we have our platform near to be 
finished and running (except the backup service). But the main goal is 
the price, at least for us, is expensive (120 USD per node)

The migration from SolusVM to Virtuozzo 7 supose us to increase from 100 
€/month to 1200 €/month the licensing costs...

*- We will understand a 15 USD/month price for your backup module 
(Please, review and consider it)*

- We understand the 15 USD/month price for WHMCS

- We understand the 15 USD/month price for CloudLinux

- We understand the 15 USD/month price for a Plesk license

- We understand the 15 USD/month price for a cPanel VPS license

- We understand the 15 USD/month price for a SolusVM license

- We understand the Proxmox model, ALL features available, and paid 
options for extra support.

*- We definitely NOT understand a 120 USD/month of the Virtuozzo 7 
license, currently we pay 10€/month per node with SolusVM, VZ7 is 12 
times more expensive. We can understand this price if your customer 
invest millions of USD in his business and if it need 24x7 service 
support, but as I mentioned, we don't need support, we are looking just 
for the product.*

As mentioned before, we don't need support, but also we don't want 
migrate from OpenVZ 6 to LXC, is this the reason that we are giving a 
chance to OVZ7 and ignoring other solutions like Proxmox or Virtualizor, 
by the moment...

As backups are a BIG priority for hosting providers, we appreciate if at 
least you can give us the option to buy this module without the entire 
Virtuozzo license.


On 07/09/2016 12:09, Vladimir Porokhov wrote:
> Hi Jose!
> We are positioning Virtuozzo 7 as a solution for service providers that in comparison with OpenVZ7 provides our customers the most cost-effective production ready services with SLA. Backup service is a part of the solution, so we can’t detach it at this moment. Vz7 has a lot of other advantages in addition to backup, it has also new very flexible licensing policy now and it is available on Amazon Marketplace to try and for production use.
> Do you think other vz7 services and advantages useless in your case or you find it too expensive?
> Thank you!
> --
> Best regards,
> Vladimir Porokhov
> On 07.09.16, 11:47, "José Manuel Giner" <users-bounces at openvz.org on behalf of jm at ginernet.com> wrote:
>      In the OpenVZ release announce say:
>      The main difference between the Virtuozzo (commercial) and OpenVZ (free)
>      versions are the EULA, *packages with paid features*, and Anaconda
>      installer.
>      That means that will be possible to buy the Backup package for OpenVZ?
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José Manuel Giner

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