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Scott Dowdle dowdle at montanalinux.org
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> It's very frustrating to know that OpenVZ have removed the vzdump tool
> without any other alternative.

First of call vzdump was never an OpenVZ tool.  It was created by the Proxmox VE folks.

> How anybody will implement OpenVZ if there is no backup options for the
> CTs/VMs?
> Please, can you explain your method? how to make a tar with the snapshot
> + filesystem VM/CT and how to restore it?

For containers on OpenVZ Legacy, methods of backing up when using Ploop-based storage are documented here:


I am using a modified version of the "file-based" backup on that page.  I rsync to another directory on the host node.

The same method should work in OpenVZ 7 because containers still use Ploop-based storage.

For VMs, how does one go about backing up a KVM VM?  When I do it on non-OpenVZ hosts I generally stop the VM and clone it... but I'm sure folks more adept at qcow2 snapshots could come up with a better way.  I haven't really looked into that much.  Of course old-school methods like running a backup client within the VM should work fine.

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