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Kevin Holly [Fusl] openvz at lists.dedilink.eu
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Take a look into how vzmigrate works. It's a bash script after all and it isn't that hard to reproduce what it really does.

If your container uses simfs file system, you can do an rsync of the files into another directory, twice. Once that is done, just suspend the container, make a final rsync and restore the container. That way the container was only offline for the time of the last rsync which shouldn't take very long.

If your container uses ploop file system, you can do ploop send and ploop receive (I never looked into the details how it works, but vzmigrate will help you with this), suspend the container and then let ploop finalize the progress. You need to resume the container here too once done.

For simfs, please take a look at my bash script here which does simfs -> ploop live migration: https://github.com/Fusl/simfs2ploop just to get an idea how you can do it with rsync.

On 09/08/2015 03:12 PM, Nick Knutov wrote:
> This way takes time. It's definitely not _live_ migration (
> 08.09.2015 14:00, Kevin Holly [Fusl] ?????:
>> Hi!
>> You can just do "vzctl suspend CTID", move the container to another place and then restore it there with "vzctl restore CTID" after you changed the configuration file.
>> On 09/08/2015 07:14 AM, Nick Knutov wrote:
>> > Is it possible to do live migration between physical disks inside one
>> > physical node?
>> > I suppose the answer is still no, so the question is what is possible to
>> > do for this?
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