[Users] Multiple level 1 Quotas possible?

Hubert Krause hubert.krause at inform-ac.com
Mon Sep 6 07:30:21 EDT 2010

Hello list,

I try to migrade a "real" server into an OpenVZ container. This server utilize 
different Partions vor tmp and var, to make them more robust against 
programs "going wild". Now I try some similar setup with OpenVZ. The only 
solution seem to create extra partitions on the host system (VE0) and mount 
them while starting the VM into the root filesystem hierarchy.

But I like to use simple quotas to be more flexible. AFAIK there is only one 
quota setting for the whole System, but not for distinct folders inside the 
vm. Is it possible to build a vm with this "partition feature" mentioned 
above, but without the use of extra partitions?

Best regards,

Hubert Krause
Risk & Fraud Division
INFORM GmbH, Pascalstraße 23, 52076 Aachen, Germany
Phone: +49 24 08 - 94 56 5145
E-Mail: hubert.krause at inform-ac.com, Web: http://www.inform-ac.com
INFORM Institut fuer Operations Research und Management GmbH
Registered AmtsG Aachen HRB1144 Gfhr. Adrian Weiler
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