[Users] VE loses connectivity

Anıl Çetin anil at saog.net
Sun Mar 15 17:06:22 EDT 2009

Thank you for suggestion, my workaround is sending arp replies with 
arpsend for all VE ip's every 5 minutes interval. I think this problem 
is not a common one, so in my opinion this may be something other than 
openvz, may be a misconfigured switch (or switch's arp table size?) or 
router or a different configuration option in switch/router. Also, it 
may be related with kernel or proc/net/arp variables, but I can not 
figure out what the thing is exactly about.

In my syctl.conf there is a line "net.ipv4.conf.default.proxy_arp = 0" 
does this must be 1? In wiki this setting is "0" but why 0? Isnt it must 
"1" ?

Gregor at HostGIS yazmış:
>> in a period of time some of my VE's (both on subnet1 and subnet2) 
>> loses connections.
> I've had a long-standing problem, as well, with HNs and VPSs randomly 
> losing connectivity for seconds at a time. It's been enough to set off 
> Nagios, to delay SMTP, etc.
> My workaround (I won't call it a "solution") was to write a simple 
> "gratuitous ARP daemon" or "garpd" This works on the same principle as 
> you discovered: if I retransmit ARP, it solves the problem for a 
> little while.
> If you want the garpd code, assuming the folks here can't provide a 
> real fix, I'm glad to post it to the list and/or wiki.

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