[Users] 2.6.24 soon in debian stable?

Alexander Prinsier openvz at aphexer.mailhaven.com
Sun Jun 15 06:23:07 EDT 2008


Debian has planned the release of lenny in September [1], with it's
freeze comming in mid July. Will the openvz patch for 2.6.24 be
considered stable by then? Or is it still highly experimental? What are
you planning to do with lenny?

If not stable by then, all debian openvz users would be forced to either
stick with etch, or use an older version of the kernel with lenny. The
problem with the second is that there won't be any official security
support, so I'd like to avoid going that way.

Is online migration from a 2.6.18 HN to a 2.6.24 HN supported/possible?



[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2008/06/msg00000.html

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