[Users] simfs 2tb limit?

Benoit Branciard Benoit.Branciard at univ-paris1.fr
Tue Jul 29 07:51:41 EDT 2008

Garith Dugmore a écrit :
> Hi fellow openvz users,
> After searching around a while I don't seem to be seeing any light at 
> the end of tunnel.
> Is there a 2tb limit on the simfs filesystem?
> I've tried increasing "DISKSPACE" in the relevant VPS conf and it skips 
> that specific line upon "vzctl start $VEID".
> Invalid value for DISKSPACE=2100000000:2200000000, skipped
> If I lower it I can get to the point where I have 2.0TB available to me 
> in my VPS. I haven't tweaked that value to see how much I can really get 
> mainly because I actually want nearer 4TB in my VPS.

I can't answer to your question about simfs size limit (or may it be a 
quota limit ? Try without quota at all, i.e. without the "SIZELIMIT" 
option in $CTID.conf file...), but you certainly could overcome any size 
limit on the container root by setting some secondary mount points below 
the container tree, either bind mounts or plain device mounts. The 
/etc/vz/conf/$CTID.mount file is meant for this purpose.

Note that this impacts ability to "vzmigrate" your container, unless you 
rewrite a vzmigrate-like script with ability to migrate secondary mount 
points, or unless the mounted device is also available on the target 
host under the same name...

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