[Users] running with no limits?

Benoit Branciard Benoit.Branciard at univ-paris1.fr
Wed Jul 9 03:58:01 EDT 2008

Steve Wray a écrit :
> No answers? Its been a while...
> We have a bunch of openvz VMs, nothing 'in production'. The host has 4G 
> of RAM. I want all the VMs to have access to 4G of RAM and all the 
> sockets and other stuff that they may need at any time; I don't have 
> time to carefuly tune the parameters of all of them to just what they 
> need and no more.
> I don't mind or care that they are over-committed I just want them to 
> have max resources.

vzsplit -n 1 -f max-limits

then for each container NNN:
vzctl set NNN --applyconfig max-limits --save

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