AW: [Users] ovzkernel-xen ?

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at
Mon Aug 25 02:04:03 EDT 2008

> > Having not used Xen but being very interested in all forms of 
> > virtualization and how folks are using it, I'm curious.
> > 
> > What does one do with a kernel that does both OpenVZ and 
> Xen? Do you 
> > run multiple Doms and a few of them use OpenVZ? Is there a 
> reason that 
> > neither OpenVZ nor Xen do exactly what you want by themselves?
> Yes, there is a fundamental difference in how the two systems 
> work, RTFM :) For example with Xen each child gets a whole 
> new kernel instance with everything that that entails, most 
> obvious example being separate memory.

On Proxmox VE (, we combine KVM and openvz. That way
we are able to run fully virtualized guests (i.e. windows) and openvz

- Dietmar

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