[Users] ovzkernel-xen ?

Peter Machell peter at machell.net
Sat Aug 23 08:39:56 EDT 2008

On 23/08/2008, at 9:48 AM, Gregor Mosheh wrote:

> I'm dying to know the real-life scenario underlying this, why you  
> don't hand someone either a Xen or a OpenVZ, but a Xen so they can  
> create their own OpenVZs. Do you have multiple IT departments, for  
> example, working on different products, and you want them to self- 
> administer the creation of VEs? Do you have some 128-CPU cluster  
> running Xen and you sell Xen Doms so they can resell OpenVZ VEs?

We do all our hosting on either OpenVZ or Xen.

One of my physical servers may be a big beasty divided into a number  
of Xen guests. One of these may be a Linux VM running many OpenVZ  
children. The OpenVZ host doesn't care that it is itself a virtual  

The advantages of virtualisation can be applied to more than one  
level, if you have the resources, and the use cases could be many and  


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