[Users] How to kill dead container (init is dead)

Pongracz Istvan pongracz.istvan at gmail.com
Sun Aug 3 17:53:07 EDT 2008

2008. 08. 3, vasárnap keltezéssel 23.46-kor Kir Kolyshkin ezt írta:
> Pongracz Istvan wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Andrey helped me a lot about this issue and it seems, it was a human
> > error:
> > I cancelled a backup process and this container left in suspended state.
> >
> > I used the vzdump script to make backups and I cancelled it while it
> > started to create an rsync.
> >   
> I think that vzdump can be guarded with traps to restore container state 
> in case backup is interrupted. In bash there's a 'trap' command which 
> should help.


Thank you for your help!
I found something about the vixie-cron + ssmtp incompatibility on the
When I start the script manually, it is working well everytime.
But when it started from cron, it failed, almost in 100%.

Some tests are still running...... I will report again :)

Thank you!

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