AW: AW: [Users] backup VE with vzdump

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at
Thu May 24 02:38:35 EDT 2007

> does --suspend causing downtime of the VE? if yes how long? 
> in the case a VE have used 40GB of disk space.

Several seconds delay, but services will continue to work.

> i tried to use --snapshot, but it seems that it wants to 
> create new partition on the LVM, while all the space on my 
> disk already allocated to /vz (it's on LVM)

The LVM snapshots need 500m free space.

> i do have a second HDD which is formated to ext3, can i used 
> it as the backup destination? and how to do it?

Use option --dumpdir, for example

vzdump --dumpdir /space/backup --suspend 777

> i know that there is an option for the backup destination on 
> vzdump, but as i said before, vzdump tried to make new 
> partition on LVM (which is on the main HDD not in the 
> secondary. I intended to backup on the second HDD)

The LVM snapshot needs space on the VG you want to
take the snapshot. (See LVM2 howto and mauanl pages).

So if you want to use snapshot you must provide some 
free space on that VG (Volume Group). You can do that by 
adding another partition/disk to that VG (man pvcreate).

- Dietmar 

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