AW: [Users] backup VE with vzdump

Markus Hardiyanto informatics2k1 at
Thu May 24 01:21:56 EDT 2007

does --suspend causing downtime of the VE? if yes how long? in the case a VE have used 40GB of disk space.

i tried to use --snapshot, but it seems that it wants to create new partition on the LVM, while all the space on my disk already allocated to /vz (it's on LVM)

i do have a second HDD which is formated to ext3, can i used it as the backup destination? and how to do it?
i know that there is an option for the backup destination on vzdump, but as i said before, vzdump tried to make new partition on LVM (which is on the main HDD not in the secondary. I intended to backup on the second HDD)

thank yous
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Subject: AW: [Users] backup VE with vzdump

> I'd like to have a complete backup of a VE. Is vzdump the 
> right tool to do this? 

vzdump does complete backups, only the log files (/var/log/*) 
and /tmp/ and /var/tmp are excluded (to save space)

> Which paramter, should I use --stop, 
> --suspend  or --snapshot? 
> I dont't really understand the difference?

Please use --snapshot if the VE root is on a LVM2 partition

Else use --suspend

- Dietmar

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