[Users] VEs and rebooting

Gregor Mosheh gregor at hostgis.com
Wed May 9 05:05:00 EDT 2007

> Ian P. Christian wrote:
>> I've noticed that there's a /etc/cron.d/vz, which runs
>> /usr/share/vzctl/scripts/vpsreboot
>> My understanding is that vpsreboot should scan for
>> /vz/private/nnn/reboot, and if it finds that file, it will start the VPS
>> and delete it the file.

Pardon me if this question sounds dense. I'm looking at the vpsreboot
code, since I'd like to understand everything there is to know about

The vpsreboot cronjob runs every 5 minutes. It looks for a /reboot file in
each VE's directory; if it exists and the VE is stopped, it starts the VE.
Sounds good but... what exactly is the point of this functionality?

Is it used as part of the VZ startup sequence, or for watchdogging, ...?

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