[Users] VEs and rebooting

Ian P. Christian pookey at pookey.co.uk
Tue May 8 07:08:02 EDT 2007

I'm trying to put together how the VEs are meant to reboot.

I've noticed that there's a /etc/cron.d/vz, which runs


My understanding is that vpsreboot should scan for
/vz/private/nnn/reboot, and if it finds that file, it will start the VPS
and delete it the file.

I've looked at the init.d script for rebooting within all of my VEs,
there's a couple of debian ones (3.1 and 4) and a gentoo VE, however
none of these init.d script (be it reboot, or reboot.sh) create the
/reboot file.

These templates were downloaded from the official  templates directory.
 Is the reboot init script resonsible for creating the  file, and if it
is, why doesn't it do it on any of my VPSs? And what is in place to
'fix' the init script should the distro change it during an update?


Ian P. Christian ~ http://pookey.co.uk

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