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Bowser Bizowser bizowser at gmail.com
Fri Oct 13 08:51:16 EDT 2006

On 10/13/06, Kirill Korotaev <dev at sw.ru> wrote:
> vznetcfg is to configure host end of veth device.
> you can put it into the bridge or setup the routing - whatever you want.
> Just add routing with something like:
> # ip r a <ve ip> dev <out-device>

How to add routing isn't so much of the problem, but where to add it, and
where to get the ip used to add it.  The above ip command should work fine,
and I'm fine with putting it in the vznetcfg script, but the question is
"where do I get the veip from?"  Like I said, it seems the IP_ADDRESS in the
.conf would be the place for it.  However, with the ip there, it tries to
add to venet, and the vps _does not start_ without the venet interface
setup.  I could create another variable for the IP, or get it in another
roundabout fashion, but it seems that there should be an elegant way for
vznetcfg to get the ip.  Even a way to disable IP_ADDRESS from being added
to venet would work.  (or a way that causes it to just fail at venet network
setup instead of preventing the vps from starting at all).

However, the second veth device in VE should be configured as well.
> And this can be done with srd distribution scripts.
> for example, in Redhat based distributions you can
> create appropriate ifcfg-vethX file with settings.

I have no problems setting up the interface on the VE side.
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