[Users] automatic veth setup

Bowser Bizowser bizowser at gmail.com
Wed Oct 11 12:12:30 EDT 2006

I'm trying to setup a veth only server, and I think I'm just about there.
The new vznetcfg script is helpful for setting up the vethX.0 interface when
running vzctl start.  I have modified this script to setup forwarding &
proxy arp as well.  I would like to assign the route at the same time, but
if I specify IP_ADDRESS in the .conf file, it tries to assign it to venet
(which isn't there) and fails.   I'm not sure what other place would be good
to stick the ip.  It seems like the vznetcfg is the place to setup the
route, as it is after vethX.0 has been setup on the host, but still runs in
the host context.  (using a .mount script wouldn't work because
vethX.0isn't up yet)

It seems like the infrastructure for veth is still being worked out..  Is
there a standard way to set this up that I'm missing?
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