[Users] X11 and vncserver under VPS

Kir Kolyshkin kir at sw.ru
Mon Nov 21 03:07:03 EST 2005

Actual RPM is now attached.

Kir Kolyshkin wrote:

> Eric,
> First, when submitting a bug report or a problem description please 
> always try to be as specific as possible. In this case it would be 
> helpful if you tell exactly the packages you have installed, the 
> commands you use to do that etc.
> Second, the problem is xorg-x11 requires kernel-drm thus kernel is 
> about to be installed but it conflicts with our 'dev' package. If you 
> have used vzyum or yum it just bails out telling there is a conflict.
> Anyway, to solve the problem some trick is needed. The trick is to 
> have a package installed which claims it provides kernel-drm = 4.3.0 
> so xorg-x11 dependencies will be satisfied. So I have an updated 
> version of dummy package (which is created just for those tricks) that 
> does just that; it is attached.
> What you need to do with it is:
> 1. Place it to /vz/template/fedora-core/4/i386/vz-addons/ directory.
> 2. cd to that directory and run createrepo as root (if you do not have 
> createrepo installed you can take rpm from 
> http://linux.duke.edu/projects/metadata/generate/)
> 3. Update template cache by running vzpkgcache (check that this very 
> version of dummy package is put into cache), then create a new VPS and 
> go on from there (vzyum VPSID install xorg-x11 vnc-server).
> Restoring your existing VPS would be a bit more complex...
> Eric L. Sammons wrote:
>> First, let me start by stating I am fairly new to OpenVZ.  Now, last 
>> night I tried to use the pre packaged template for 
>> Fedora-core-4-default, which worked fine, then I attempted to install 
>> vncserver + X11.  These installs all seemed to work fine, I did 
>> notice that a new fedora kernel was installed.  Well, at some point I 
>> decided to vzctl restart <vpsid> and it seemed the image started, but 
>> I could not access it via ssh or vzctl enter.  When hardware 0 
>> reboots it shows OpenVZ starts, but that VPS 101 fails to start.
>> So any idea how I might set up X11 under a VPS?  Also, along the same 
>> note, is there a good reference on how to build my own template?
>> Thanks!
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