[Devel] Re: Container Test Campaign

Sam Vilain sam.vilain at catalyst.net.nz
Sun Jun 25 15:00:07 PDT 2006

Marc E. Fiuczynski wrote:
>> My guess is that you just can't leverage that kind of benefit
>> from a hypervisor approach, but I don't really know enough about
>> how they work under the hood to be able to say.
> Right, our current benchmark shows that even w/o the benefit of FS
> unification that a container-based approach (in our case vserver)
> still significantly outperforms Xen on both SPECWEB'99 and OSDB
> benchmarks. Please take a peek at our evaluation sections in the
> paper that I forwarded before.

Yes, and very nice paper it is indeed, though I'm still curious as to
why all the dbench scores go down for SMP, even on the vanilla Linux

I guess that demonstrating the effects of the unification would have
to come under the scalability benchmarks section, and probably with a
non-IO bound test.  If Specweb doesn't support testing a bunch of
machines at once, perhaps you could fudge it by using IP Virtual
Server on another machine to distribute the load across the VM instances.


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