[Users] [NEW KERNEL] vzkernel-3.10.0-862.20.2.vz7.73.27 (with fix for CVE-2019-5736)

Konstantin Khorenko khorenko at virtuozzo.com
Tue Feb 12 09:58:05 MSK 2019

Hi All,

guess you are aware of recent security vulnerability CVE-2019-5736:
potential breakage of container isolation via symlinks to /proc/self/exe.


We've built full vzkernel for OpenVZ users:

The kernel is based on stable kernel released as a part of Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform product:

+ includes fixes provided via ReadyKernel for this kernel up to now:

The kernel is based on stable kernel and passed basic validation.

Best regards,

Konstantin Khorenko,
Virtuozzo Linux Kernel Team

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