[Users] simfs support

Solar Designer solar at openwall.com
Wed Jul 4 16:52:59 MSK 2018

On Wed, Jul 04, 2018 at 11:04:38AM +0300, Konstantin Khorenko wrote:
> Just to make it clear: basic "simfs" exists in vz7,
> it still works, just tried it.
> https://lists.openvz.org/pipermail/users/2016-January/006733.html

Hmm, yes.  It works - just without quotas and revealing the host's
device name inside containers.  I admit I didn't recall this detail when
I posted the poll yesterday, only rediscovering this thread later.

Quoting that message of yours that you linked above:

> What should be done further (that's what you can help us with):
> 1. Take project quota kernel patches (which Stas Kinsbursky alredy ported to vz7 kernel
> some time ago), apply them to current vz7 kernel - you'll get the kernel able to manage
> project quota.
> 2. Need to add project quota support to appropriate userspace tools: quota-tools and e2fsprogs
> see details at https://bugs.openvz.org/browse/OVZ-6619

Where are those kernel patches already ported by Stas Kinsbursky?

The userspace tools patches as linked from OVZ-6619:


This sounds like something a distro should manage to merge and maintain,
and maybe you will in VzLinux as well?

With this, we'd be missing second-level quotas (per-user quotas inside
containers), yet it'd be a major improvement compared to the current
state of having no quotas at all.

Meanwhile, the Twitter poll got 20 votes in 24 hours.  The results are:

35% No preference
45% Yes, re-add simfs
20% No, ploop alone is fine

(This is not counting the mailing list votes.)

Right before I posted about it in here, we were at 10 votes with:

50% No preference
30% Yes, re-add simfs
20% No, ploop alone is fine

Personally, I think that having a straightforward upgrade path for
existing users of older OpenVZ is very important, and it's currently
lacking.  That's a problem for the project's future as it's losing a
large fraction of its userbase.


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