[Users] Manual Container Creation and Physical to Virtual

Alexey Zilber alexeyzilber at gmail.com
Mon Jun 12 19:37:49 MSK 2017

Hi All,

  I've been having a heck of a time trying to setup a physical->virtual
container in the 'optimal' way on OpenVZ 7.
  I've been able to do it following the OpenVZ 6 method, but that doesn't
create a ploop file, and I'd like to use that.

  I've attempted to manually create the container, using ploop init, I
created the ploop file in my own uuid generated /vz/private/<uuid>
directory to mimic a regular prlctl create'd ct. I mounted and copied all
the data into the ploop, and  I even created the ve.conf file.

Doing prlctl register gives me:

# prlctl register /vz/private/6ab25485-84ff-466e-8828-c18f3a64f264

Register the virtual environment...

Failed to register the virtual environment: PRL_ERR_VZCTL_OPERATION_FAILED
(Details: Warning: Container in old data format, registration skipped.


I can see the ploop in the list:


Am I missing something?  I'm not sure why it's in the old format, when I
just created the ploop.

Anyone tried this before?

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