[Users] LXC as easy as OVZ6?

Narcis Garcia informatica at actiu.net
Mon Jul 10 14:15:26 MSK 2017

I've been using unprivileged LXC containers on Debian 9, and my main
problem is disk space quotas in simfs (called "dir" for LXC).
The only easy (but weak) workaround is to deploy the containers on a
btrfs volume, and manage there a btrfs subvolume for each container. The
issue then is that VPS guest doesn't see the quota limit as container space.

Apart of this specifics, I feel that LXC should be ready enough for own

El 10/07/17 a les 10:08, spameden ha escrit:
> @Stalkr, wow, nice work!  I think I've tried OpenVZ7 kernel some time
> ago but didn't have any luck.
> Compiling yourself is a hassle althrough unless you make an automatic
> repository which will be updated after the new release is pushed.
> Is it really worth maintaining yourself the kernel and userland tools to
> get OpenVZ working? 
> Isn't LXC still not production ready?

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