[Users] Virtuozzo 7.0 Beta announce

Sergey Bronnikov sergeyb at openvz.org
Thu Mar 3 07:36:08 PST 2016


We are pleased to announce the official release of Virtuozzo 7.0 Beta.

Some years ago we introduced our own hypervisor technology in Parallels Cloud
Server in addition to our containers. Such an offering added more flexibility to
Virtuozzo, as in some cases customers preferred traditional hypervisor solutions
over containers. Fast and reliable, Virtuozzo hypervisor offered a lot of
enterprise features answering the needs of service providers.

Nowadays KVM has become fast and reliable enough to suite our customers' needs.
For this reason, we do not need to develop and support our own hypervisor
anymore. Yet KVM still lacks many required features and we are eager to
implement such functionality in our new Virtuozzo 7 with KVM-based

This Virtuozzo 7.0 Beta offers the following major improvements:

* Unified management of containers and KVM virtual machines with the prlctl tool
and SDK. You get a single universal toolset for all CT/VM management needs.

* Autoballooning and kernel same-page merging that allows overcommitting memory
resources in the smartest way possible with an insignificant impact on customer

* Memory hotplugging for containers and VMs that allows both increasing and
reducing CT/VM memory size on the fly, without the need to reboot. Your
customers can now scale their workloads without any downtime. This feature also
enables you to make PAYG offerings, allowing customers to change VM resources
depending on workload and potentially pay less.

* Memory guarantees for both containers and virtual machines.

* Ability to manage containers and VMs with libvirt and virt-manager. If you
used to manage VMs with libvirt, you can do it in Virtuozzo in absolutely the
same way.

* Guest tools for Windows and Linux VMs.

Also we have prepared homework in case you will want to walk through the new
Virtuozzo 7 features [0].

Known Issues

The list of known issues and limitations is provided in the README [1].


All binary components as well as installation ISO images are available for
everyone [2]. The source code of each component is available in the public
repository [3].


Q: Can we use the binaries or Virtuozzo 7.0 Beta distribution in production?
A: No. Virtuozzo 7 is in the beta stage and may contain serious bugs,
   so we strongly recommend against any use in production. New features are in
   development. We won't support upgrade from Virtuozzo 7.0 Beta to RTM.

Q: Is it possible to upgrade OpenVZ stable to Virtuozzo 7?
A: Yes! You can migrate containers from OpenVZ to Virtuozzo using the
   script [4].


Our switching to the open development process is an attempt to work more closely
with the OpenVZ community. You can help us by sending your feedback to the
users@ mail list [5] or submitting a bug in case of serious issues [6].


[0] https://docs.openvz.org/virtuozzo_7_beta_homework.webhelp/
[1] https://docs.openvz.org/
[2] https://download.openvz.org/virtuozzo/releases/7.0-beta3/x86_64/iso/
[3] https://src.openvz.org/projects/OVZ
[4] https://openvz.org/Upgrade_script_from_OpenVZ_to_Virtuozzo_7
[5] https://openvz.org/Mailing_lists
[6] https://bugs.openvz.org/


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