[Users] New behavior noted

jjs - mainphrame jjs at mainphrame.com
Wed Jun 29 20:48:24 PDT 2016


I've noticed a new behavior from the openvz hosts regarding shutdown and
startup. We've long preferred to migrate the really important CTs to
another host before we rebooting for e.g. a kernel upgrade. Other CTs are
redundant or are not continuously needed, so we'd simply shut those down
before rebooting the node.

Some updates ago, I notice that containers are no longer auto starting when
the node comes back up. I'd assumed it was a temporary bug but that
behavior has persisted through several updates. Of course the containers
would run normally if manually started.

On the most recent kernel upgrade, I decided to shut down the node without
first shutting down the CTs, just to see what the behavior would be. When
the host came back up, the CTs were not auto started, but were in a
suspended state - and vzctl resume brought them back up, with the uptime
counters preserved.

I did not expect that, but it's a nice feature.

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