[Users] OVZ 7 - live migration regression

jjs - mainphrame jjs at mainphrame.com
Fri Jun 10 22:56:11 PDT 2016


First of all, allow me to point out that the ubuntu container in which the
mysqld socket had been unable to dump/restore remains fully functional
after the fix.

However a different ubuntu container, one which had been working
previously, now consistently fails to live migrate, though it does
successfully suspend/restore.

Is this an area known to be still a work in progress at this point, or
should I submit another bug report?

[root at hachi ~]# vzmigrate annie 1111 --online
Connection to destination node (annie) is successfully established
Moving/copying CT 1111 -> CT 1111, [], [] ...
locking 1111
Checking bindmounts
Check cluster ID
Checking keep dir for private area copy
Check of requires kernel modules
Checking technologies
Checking IP addresses on destination node
Checking RATE parameters in config
Checking ploop format 2
copy CT private /vz/private/1111
Live migration stage started
Phaul service failed to live migrate CT
Phaul failed to live migrate CT (/var/log/phaul.log)
Can't move/copy CT 1111 -> CT 1111, [], [] : Phaul failed to live migrate
CT (/var/log/phaul.log)
[root at hachi ~]#

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