[Users] New setup - deploy OpenVZ or wait for VZ7?

Ashley Moravek ashley.moravek at firma.seznam.cz
Wed Jun 8 00:08:35 PDT 2016

Yes, I've submitted quite a few PRs related to porting to Debian, they 
all got accepted (mostly related to bash not being the default /bin/sh 
in Debian), just as some Makefile changes due to different Debian paths 
(like systemd).

We've got running VZ7 on stock Debian Jessie (systemd, etc) but without 
Parallels tools (as those need custom libvirt patches to version which 
is not in Debian Stable). Normal containers with libvzctl+vzctl are 
working perfectly fine, we've got a few servers in prod on VZ7 for 
internal use.

Actually that might be the #1 issue with current Debian Stable - it uses 
older libvirt 1.2.9 and VZ team would have to recompile their own and 
roll it to all users... otherwise no parallels+VMs tools.

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On 06/07/2016 09:47 PM, Pavel Gashev wrote:
> Those could be the same way. One can maintain its own distro for bare metal, but support other distros. It's an Open Source. I believe OpenVZ will accept patches related to other distros. Why not?
> On 07/06/16 11:07, "users-bounces at openvz.org on behalf of Narcis Garcia" <users-bounces at openvz.org on behalf of informatica at actiu.net> wrote:
>> I see two ways:
>> A) Support main GNU/Linux distros (much time of development)
>> B) Maintain own GNU/Linux ~ VzLinux (much time of development)
>> = supporting a maintained zoo or maintaining own animal at home
>> Ubuntu can have an analogous relation with Debian as VzLinux with RHEL.
>> They have much time of development too.
>> El 07/06/16 a les 02:44, Raghavendra Bhat ha escrit:
>>> spameden posts
>>>>> Please understand me correctly, we don't want to support a variety of all
>>>>> Linux zoo.
>>>>> It requires much more time of development, testing and support.
>>>> That's a shame. Another nail in the coffin of OpenVZ.. :(
>>> Sergey as spameden aptly posts, unsupported GNU/Linux should not
>>> happen as Virtuozzo runs on top of many, many different distributions.
>>> At least Parallels OpenVZ Project does.  Try to be as portable as you
>>> can, VZ7 should not get isolated and unused due to your rigid stance.
>>> It might be a nightmare to support various distros but it enhances the
>>> reach of VZ (Virtuozzo).
>>> You have to seriously consider support.  Your product will get rugged
>>> in the process of testing, development and support.
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