[Users] New setup - deploy OpenVZ or wait for VZ7?

Denis Silakov dsilakov at virtuozzo.com
Tue Jun 7 02:03:12 PDT 2016

On 06/07/2016 11:35 AM, Volker Janzen wrote:
> Hi Denis,
>> And actually one can run a script named vzdeploy (http://repo.virtuozzo.com/vzlinux/vzdeploy/vzdeploy) to turn his CentOS or Scientific Linux installation into VzLinux one. This script is not thoroughly tested yet, so use with care.
> this is a good way to start for me, because I'll always start from a fresh CentOS install.
> I'll test it, is there anything to take care of and / or verify if it has succeeded?

The main thing to check is that there are no errors from yum during 
upgrade. This can happen in case you install custom packages (we 
shouldn't break there dependencies, but who knows - maybe some package 
has requirement on a package with "el7" in its suffix?) or if a 
divergence appears between CentOS and VzLinux (though normally this 
shouldn't happen).

After update you should see /etc/vzlinux-release file and all base 
packages should be replaced with the ones from VzLinux (this can be 
easily checked by distsuffix - VzLinux packages ends with "vl7").

Denis Silakov
Senior Software Architect

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