[Users] New setup - deploy OpenVZ or wait for VZ7?

Jehan Procaccia jehan.procaccia at tem-tsp.eu
Tue Jun 7 01:35:27 PDT 2016

Le 06/06/2016 20:41, Volker Janzen a écrit :
> Hi Sergey,
>> I forgot to mention one important thing in my previous answer. As you know
>> Virtuozzo 7 based on VzLinux distribution. VzLinux is a Linux distribution similar
>> to CentOS but it is not the same. VzLinux is not just rebuilded RPM packages
>> from CentOS. Some RPM packages in VzLinux contains fixes or changes specific to
>> Virtuozzo which are absent in RHEL/CentOS.
> So this sentence from the quick Installation guide is just false: "Alternatively, one can install OpenVZ on a pre-installed RPM based Linux distribution. Supported Linux distributions: Cloud Linux 7.*, CentOS 7.*, Scientific Linux 7.* etc"
> Source: https://openvz.org/Quick_installation_of_Virtuozzo_7
> You're telling now it's not an alternative. It should be removed from the guide, it's a huge change in the plans on how to deploy VZ7. For now, I was able to fire up a CentOS 6 host and then follow the guide for installing OpenVZ. With VZ7, I will need to be able to install from my own ISO image, this might cause problems with the hosters I use and I really need to evaluate if this is a good way to go. I really prefer OpenVZ container in favour of lxc and I'd like to stay with it, but I also need an easy way to fire up a new host system.
we really need to fire up  HN from automatic deployement tools, here we 
use cobbler + PXE to instanciate our servers.
We do have centos7 template ready to go , we just add few shell lines in 
a snippet of our  kickstart to transform those bare centos 7 system to VZ .
we don't want to maitained a new distribution in cobbler/kickstart ....

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