[Users] New setup - deploy OpenVZ or wait for VZ7?

Denis Silakov dsilakov at virtuozzo.com
Tue Jun 7 00:42:52 PDT 2016

On 06/06/2016 09:59 PM, Volker Janzen wrote:
>> As you know Virtuozzo 7 based on VzLinux distribution.
> I forgot another question: is there a hardware requirement / compatibility list for VzLinux? As of it's not the same as CentOS, the requirements may be different. Is there software raid support in bare metall installer? Or is hardware raid a requirement?

Requirements are the same as for CentOS/RHEL. Installer functionality is 
also the same as in CentOS.

And actually one can run a script named vzdeploy 
(http://repo.virtuozzo.com/vzlinux/vzdeploy/vzdeploy) to turn his CentOS 
or Scientific Linux installation into VzLinux one. This script is not 
thoroughly tested yet, so use with care.

Denis Silakov
Senior Software Architect

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