[Users] New setup - deploy OpenVZ or wait for VZ7?

Narcis Garcia informatica at actiu.net
Mon Jun 6 07:35:41 PDT 2016

Sergey, do you mean that supported distribution for OpenVZ/Virtuozzo
will be (or is) VzLinux OS?

Could you document this GNU/Linux distribution with a Wikipedia article?

El 06/06/16 a les 15:33, Sergey Bronnikov ha escrit:
> On 13:23 Mon 06 Jun , Volker Janzen wrote:
>> Hi Sergey,
>>> On 14:39 Sun 05 Jun , Volker Janzen wrote:
>>>>> Unfortunately no. We don't support upgrade from pre-release version to the final one.
>>>> When I use a CentOS 7 as base system and install VZ7 afterward it's not possible to upgrade, too?
>>> There is only one supported configuration for new installations -
>>> clean Virtuozzo 7 installation.
>> okay I see. My setup will be unsupported if installed on plain CentOS 7 either way.
> I forgot to mention one important thing in my previous answer. As you know
> Virtuozzo 7 based on VzLinux distribution. VzLinux is a Linux distribution similar
> to CentOS but it is not the same. VzLinux is not just rebuilded RPM packages
> from CentOS. Some RPM packages in VzLinux contains fixes or changes specific to
> Virtuozzo which are absent in RHEL/CentOS.
> Just for example:
> - we don't use stock rsync, it includes implementation of additional option which makes
> container live migration possible.
> - vzprocps packages are stock ps/top utilities with our patches to support containers monitoring
> - AFAIK we have patches in gparted package
> and so on.
> - Virtuozzo contains the package ext4defrag required to working with ploop images
> If you have time to fight with troubles which may happen in Vz installed on top of CentOS
> or any other RPM based Linux distribution - it is your choice.
> Please understand me correctly, we don't want to support a variety of all Linux zoo.
> It requires much more time of development, testing and support.
>>>>>> It also seems to lack some documentation for my use cases, but I need to start
>>>>>> with VZ7 sooner or later.
>>>>> What usecases are you talking about?
>>>> My current OpenVZ setup has LVM involved.
>>>> I want to be able to use simfs based storage on an underlaying LVM volume.
>>> Why do you prefer simfs instead of ploop? Did you see comparison simfs vs ploop?
>>> https://openvz.org/CT_storage_backends
>> I think you asked me about this some time ago. The matrix states: Reliability
>> Low: big amount of files produce ext4 corruption so often
>> Why should I use something that tells me it's not reliable?
>> The /vz partition has also the big advantage of using LVM snapshots and it
>> allows rsync of the container data to another host with less overhead.
>> Also the need to compress the ploop files does not seem to be something I'm willing to do.
>> Regards
>>    Volker
>>>> And I want to be able to setup KVM based VMs that have a LVM based disk, too.
>>>> In best case KVM VMs can be created from a template, as with the container VMs.
>>> Den, is it possible in Vz7?
>>>> Regards
>>>>   Volker
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