[Users] New setup - deploy OpenVZ or wait for VZ7?

Narcis Garcia informatica at actiu.net
Mon Jun 6 04:43:18 PDT 2016

Why the CT_storage_backends page is not showing any "No" in the ploop
column, and all "No"s in simfs columns are red (eg.compaction)

The "qcow format" row is redundant, as it could be "can use same host
The "No problems" row seems to be written to put a "Yes" in the "good"
column. Similar to the "Better security" label.

I'm going to enhance the comparison style in this page.

El 06/06/16 a les 12:51, Sergey Bronnikov ha escrit:
> Hi, Volker
> On 14:39 Sun 05 Jun , Volker Janzen wrote:
>>> Unfortunately no. We don't support upgrade from pre-release version to the final one.
>> When I use a CentOS 7 as base system and install VZ7 afterward it's not possible to upgrade, too?
> There is only one supported configuration for new installations -
> clean Virtuozzo 7 installation.
>>>> It also seems to lack some documentation for my use cases, but I need to start
>>>> with VZ7 sooner or later.
>>> What usecases are you talking about?
>> My current OpenVZ setup has LVM involved.
>> I want to be able to use simfs based storage on an underlaying LVM volume.
> Why do you prefer simfs instead of ploop? Did you see comparison simfs vs ploop?
> https://openvz.org/CT_storage_backends
>> And I want to be able to setup KVM based VMs that have a LVM based disk, too.
>> In best case KVM VMs can be created from a template, as with the container VMs.
> Den, is it possible in Vz7?
>> Regards
>>    Volker
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