[Users] vzctl compact works only, if there are no snapshots

Dmitry Mishin dim at virtuozzo.com
Fri Jun 3 08:10:54 PDT 2016


On 03/06/16 11:52, "users-bounces at openvz.org on behalf of Roman Haefeli"
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>Dear All, 
>We're considering creating regular snapshots of our containers. The
>setup would include deleting the oldest snapshots. While playing around
>with creating and deleting snapshots, I noticed that the root.hdd file
>keeps growing. It seems there is no point at all in deleting old
>snapshots for the only purpose of saving disk space. Then I tried to
>reclaim some space back with 'vzctl compact <name>', but it wasn't able
>to reclaim anything. Only when I deleted all snapshots, 'vzctl compact
><name>' seems to be effective.
>Now, my question is, will there be support in the future to reclaim
>space, even if there are snapshots?
It's a bit tricky, and that'a why there were no such plans so far.
Could you please explain why are you considering regular snapshots? What
is a use case?

>Am I right in thinking that there is no reason to delete snaphots, since
>it will never free any disk space?
Yes, one could use pcompact (or ploop discard) for this purpose.


Thank you,

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