[Users] Virtuozzo 7 in Amazon EC2

Sergey Bronnikov sergeyb at openvz.org
Fri Oct 2 04:50:27 PDT 2015

Hello, everyone.

Some of you already tried Virtuozzo 7 beta, but there are people who
would like to try it but don't want to install to a physical machine, or a
virtual machine.

Now there is a way to try the new Virtuozzo 7 using Amazon Cloud Services.
It is free provided you use t2.micro instance type.

Please follow the steps below to run Virtuozzo 7 on Amazon EC2:

1. Open http://aws.amazon.com/ in your favorite web browser
2. Choose EC2 from the list of Amazon services
3. Click the "Launch instance" button.
4. Pick "Community AMIs" in the left sidebar
5. Find "Virtuozzo" image using the search field
6. Select the Virtuozzo image and follow the steps in the wizard.

Note that for now Virtuozzo 7 image is only available in community AMIs.
We will publish it to AWS marketplace some time later.


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