[Devel] Re: [RFC][PATCH 4/5] utsname namespaces: sysctl hack

Cedric Le Goater clg at fr.ibm.com
Wed Apr 19 09:54:09 PDT 2006

Hello !

Kirill Korotaev wrote:
> Serge,
>> Please look closer at the patch.
>> I *am* doing nothing with sysctls.
>> system_utsname no longer exists, and the way to get to that is by using
>> init_uts_ns.name.  That's all this does.
> Sorry for being not concrete enough.
> I mean switch () in the code. Until we decided how to virtualize
> sysctls/proc, I believe no dead code/hacks should be commited. IMHO.

How could we improve that hack ? Removing the modification of the static
table can easily be worked around but getting rid of the switch() statement
is more difficult. Any idea ?

> FYI, I strongly object against virtualizing sysctls this way as it is
> not flexible and is a real hack from my POV.

what is the issue with flexibility ?



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