[Devel] OpenVZ and Virtuozzo

Matt Ayres matta at tektonic.net
Fri Apr 7 12:15:20 PDT 2006

Martin Braun wrote:
> Kirill Korotaev wrote:
>> w/o 99% of the tools, SDKs, APIs, documentation, support and so on and 
>> so forth.
> The question is, will SWSoft stop their engagement to OVZ if
> it gets too close to the VZ feature list to avoid a loss of
> customers. The main developers are mostly SWSoft people at the
> moment. So if SWSoft stops supporting OVZ the project may be
> at risk.

I wonder what the OVZ project would do if some company used OVZ as the 
core for their own product that provided that "99% of the tools, SDKs, 
APIs, documentation, and support" and became a direct competitor to 
Virtuozzo itself.  Has SWSoft considered that scenario and if so what 
was the conclusion?  As long as all changes to the core OVZ code are 
made public it does not appear to violate the OVZ license as it is 
licensed under the GPL.

Thank you,
Matt Ayres

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