[Devel] OpenVZ and Virtuozzo

Matt Ayres matta at tektonic.net
Fri Apr 7 09:48:35 PDT 2006

Kirill Korotaev wrote:
>> In my current understanding, Virtuozzo for Linux and OpenVZ is almost 
>> same,
>> except two points. One is admistration tools. The other is live 
>> migration.
> Virtuozzo also has much more command line tools, traffic accounting, 
> bandwidth management, === VPS migration ===, more complicated and efficient 
> template management and much much more features out of the box. So I 
> can't say Virtuozzo is the SAME. it is _product_. And OpenVZ is a free 
> core.

Note in-between the ==='s, and then...

>> But, OpenVZ will get live migration soon. Right?
> yep.

So, OpenVZ will not support migration, but it will support live 
migration is what you're saying (it is what I read)? Or are you just so 
used to saying Virtuozzo has migration and OpenVZ doesn't that it is 
permanently etched into your brain?


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