[CRIU] [announce] CRIU 3.15 "Titanium Falcon"

Andrei Vagin avagin at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 20:57:04 MSK 2020

Hello, everyone!

The 3.15 is out. This is yet another big release with many new features in it:
    * Introduced criu-image-streamer
    * Added MIPS support.
    * Allow checkpointing out of existing PID namespace and restoring
into existing PID namespace.
    * Added additional file validation mechanisms
    * Added support to checkpoint and restore BPF hash maps and array maps.
    * Initial cgroup2 support

Changelog: https://criu.org/Download/criu/3.15
Sources: http://download.openvz.org/criu/criu-3.15.tar.bz2

Have fun!

Big thanks to all contributors. I like that we see new faces in our
community. This is a good trend and a good sign of a healthy

And I want to say a special thanks to Adrian Reber. He isn't only
fixed a ton of bugs, he permanently supports our users and answers
their questions.

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