[Announce] We published source code of kernel 3.10

Sergey Bronnikov sergeyb at openvz.org
Mon Apr 27 03:05:29 PDT 2015

Last December we announced we are doing some steps to merge our code bases and
make the project even more open [0]. We were quiet since, but a lot was
happening behind the scene. Today we are finally ready to show something

* We have opened an RHEL7-based OpenVZ kernel git [1].
* The RHEL7-based OpenVZ kernel development is open as well from now on,
so you will see patches, technical discussions, and reviews in the
OpenVZ developer list <devel at openvz.org>.

You are warmly welcome to subscribe to the list [2] and
contribute to the kernel.

We're still working on guidelines on how to contribute [3]
and submit patches [4]. However, the process is very similar
to the upstream kernel development, so you can just send properly
styled [5] patches to the list [6] and that's it.

IMPORTANT: The work on the new kernel is still in progress, in particular, we're
still changing the Container management API. At the same time, we haven't yet
finished implementing support for the old kernel API, so you can't manage
Containers with the existing OpenVZ vzctl utility. This might be a good task to
start with if you're willing to contribute: implement into the new kernel the
compatibility with the old kernel API to make the current vzctl work.  New
userspace utilities, including new vzctl, which will work via the new kernel
API, will be published later.

We will use Atlassian Stash as a web frontend to GIT, so we are open up new
site, https://src.openvz.org/. We choose Stash due to perfect integration with
Jira, another Atlassian product, which we'll use as a bug tracking system
instead Bugzilla.

We hope our steps towards open source will bring multiple benefits
to the OpenVZ community:

- OpenVZ will become an open part of Virtuozzo, not an open-source fork of it.
- OpenVZ will be fully compatible with Virtuozzo, from userspace
	(configuration files, command line options) to kernel API.
- Users will be able to easily upgrade from OpenVZ to Virtuozzo
	and get more amazing features.


In nearest future, we plan to publish the source code of
most userspace utilities in Virtuozzo and setup a primary
OpenVZ bug tracker based on Atlassian Jira.


Q: What about compatibility in the new OpenVZ version?
A: The old OpenVZ vzctl utility is incompatible with the new 3.10 kernel.
Another version of vzctl will be available for the 3.10 kernel right after
the source code of userspace tools is published.

Q: Can I continue to use old OpenVZ kernels?
A: OpenVZ kernels based on the RHEL6 branch are kept as is. We will continue
to maintain them as well as the old OpenVZ userspace utilities, e.g., vzctl.

Q: What will happen to the legacy OpenVZ code?
A: The source code for the old OpenVZ is still available [7].

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus [8].

[0] http://blog.openvz.org/49158.html
[1] https://src.openvz.org/projects/OVZ
[2] https://openvz.org/Mailing_lists
[3] https://openvz.org/Contribute
[4] https://openvz.org/How_to_submit_patches
[5] https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/CodingStyle
[6] https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/SubmittingPatches
[7] https://src.openvz.org/projects/OVZL
[8] https://openvz.org/Contacts

   OpenVZ Team

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