[Users] VM's not getting networking info on vz7 node

Mark Johanson mjohanson at a2hosting.com
Mon Oct 9 00:25:01 MSK 2017


So it looks like I figured out what the issue is with the networks not getting setup in debian, ubuntu, gentoo, slackware templates. The vz7 node is not reading any of the conf files in /usr/libexec/libvzctl/dists/ except for default (debian teplate here):

2017-10-08T16:40:12-0400 vzctl : CT 249 : Warning: configuration file for distribution  not found default used
2017-10-08T16:40:12-0400 vzctl : CT 249 : Running the script: /usr/libexec/libvzctl/dists/scripts/redhat-add_ip.sh flags=262144
2017-10-08T16:40:12-0400 vzctl : CT 249 : flock lock

I verified this by copying the default to a backup file, and then replacing default with debian.conf and the following was the result (same debian template):

2017-10-08T16:52:56-0400 vzctl : CT 250 : running: /usr/libexec/libvzctl/scripts/vz-net_add
2017-10-08T16:52:59-0400 vzctl : CT 250 : Warning: configuration file for distribution  not found default used
2017-10-08T16:52:59-0400 vzctl : CT 250 : Running the script: /usr/libexec/libvzctl/dists/scripts/debian-add_ip.sh flags=262144

So ct 250 has a fully working network where ct 249 does not. And ideas on why its not reading the correct OS conf file for debian-8-x86_64-minimal.tar.gz? Should it not (even if it doesn't realize its a debian-8 which there is a debian-8.conf) at the very least use the debian.conf file?

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