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Cristian Rodriguez - IR Soluciones cristian.rodriguez at irsoluciones.com
Thu Sep 1 00:12:22 PDT 2016

Can you help me please? I wondering if I can configure a centos machine with ISPConfig panel ,apache and some tools already configured. Created a template (.tar.gz) and upload to the page. (https://download.openvz.org/contrib/template/precreated/)

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Cristian Rodríguez
cristian.rodriguez at irsoluciones.com<mailto:cristian.rodriguez at irsoluciones.com>

[IR Soluciones]<http://www.irsoluciones.com>
Avda. de la Sierra, 5, bajo.
26007. Logroño. La Rioja.
T. 941 545 000 / F. 941 545 001
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AVISO DE CONFIDENCIALIDAD<http://www.irsoluciones.com/aviso_confidencialidad.html>

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