[Users] Planned feature set of Virtuozzo 7

Sergey Bronnikov sergeyb at openvz.org
Tue Sep 29 05:52:35 PDT 2015

Hi, Dietmar

thanks for feedback. Some of errors highlighted by you was fixed. But feel free to
fix them yourself if you will find more.


On 17:49 Fri 25 Sep , Dietmar Maurer wrote:
> > some of you asked about feature set of Virtuzzo 7 and difference between free
> > and commercial versions.  We have prepared table with feature comparison for
> > OpenVZ -stable, Virtuozzo 7 and other virtualization solutions -
> > https://openvz.org/Comparison
> > 
> > Pay attention it is not a final feature set, some features can be added in
> > future till final release.
> I found some errors regarding Proxmox VE. Please can you correct them?
> * Unified management tool for CTs and VMs: Yes
> We provide a single API Server, and you can even manage a whole
> cluster using that single API. CLI tools also use that unified API.
> Also we provide a single GUI to manage both VMs and CTs.
> Supported Storage: We also support DAS and iSCSI, an ZFS (local and remote)!
> Thin Disk Provisioning: yes (depends on underlying storage driver).
> Virtual Disk Format: please add 'raw' and 'vmdk'
> Virtual SAN: Please add 'sheepdog' there
> Storage QoS: Fully implemented for VMs (not for containers).
> Completely isolated disk subsystem for CTs: yes - using LVM, ZFS, or loop
> devices
> Power Panel: Yes - we have a world class GUI using ExtJS
> Best Regards,
> Dietmar

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