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Scott Dowdle dowdle at montanalinux.org
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> Off topic:
> This wiki is served with, at least, 4 spyware elements:
> - Facebook connect
> - Google analytics
> - Google+ platform
> - Twitter button

Ok, I'll see if I can help add more just as soon as possible.  I mean, why don't we have 10 or 15 other social networks on there like everyone else? <sarcasm>

That might be hard for me because I don't have a Facebook account nor a Twitter account.  I do have a Google+ account only because it was required at some point... by one Google thing I use (they are backing off that now)... but I never fleshed out the profile nor posted anything.

If you don't like that fairly standard set of social media and web site logging tools, I'm sure you are blocking them with the EFF's Privacy Badger, Ghostery, or something similar.

So you only made a statement and that statement doesn't really say what you mean.  If you are going to be off topic, do a better job. :)

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